Potty training times two: double the puddles, double the rewards

We went with the 3-day method… plus 3🤣. Basically, we threw out the diapers and never looked back.

We started the training bottomless and in an area of our home that we had protected with tarps and doggie piddle pads. Fortunately the lower level of our home is all hardwood, so it was the easiest choice. We also set up a star chart for each child, treat jars (#1 and #2) and two toddler toilets. After a quick parade to remove diapers, it was games and toys inside while we kept a close watch… I mean super close watch on any activity below! It is critical to be vigilant about watching for accidents and taking them to the potty. We would also keep saying “tell us if you have to go potty.”

Day 1.

It went well. After some early accidents, both started saying they had to go potty, went in big toilet and toddler potty and got tinkle treats. Cameron even did a number 2!

Day 2.

  • It started with Cameron saying he had to go and went! Getting a little smug
  • Chloe (our Yorkie) now gets tinkle treats too
  • Then Julianna requests diapers, refuses to pee and starts holding it in.
  • Julianna finally goes potty screaming her tummy hurts, while I hold her down on toilet
  • We took both twins out to play in front yard in tutus (yes Cameron too) repeating “we are not dogs, we pee inside”
  • Julianna peed on the front driveway, dribble drabbled up the stairs, across the wood floor and landed on toilet and no longer had to go
  • Cameron thought he had to pee so bad in front yard he ran head first into door frame and part of his forehead swelled immediately
  • Cameron decides he will do whatever it takes to get a “tinkle treat” and is constantly going
  • Julianna puts her head in Cameron’s crotch to exclaim “Cameron is peeing”
  • They realize they have different potty parts
  • Julianna flat out refuses to sit on toilet and is still holding it
  • We attempt to get Julianna to go potty by singing and blowing bubbles in a cup, Cameron pees instead
  • We let Julianna put on panties, she pees 10 seconds later
  • We celebrate my moms birthday with cupcakes, husband squeals as Cameron pees on dining room chair (luckily we had a pee pad)

Day 3.

  • Day 3 starts with Cameron waking up saying he has to poop. He sat on toilet nothing.
  • Julianna back to holding it
  • I sit her and Cameron in front of tv on toilets to get Julianna to pee (she goes almost instantly)
  • We finally get a break as they watch Toy Story (still on their potties)
  • Decide to take afternoon walk to neighborhood playground
  • Julianna says she has to go potty, we rush home, race upstairs, she can’t go.
  • I try pouring warm water on Julianna to get her to go … it works instantly. It worked a couple more times.
  • Leave twins unsupervised for 2 minutes, find puddle on floor and can’t determine who did it

Day 4.

  • Julianna holding it again until she can’t and pees on floor and rug
  • I put pee pads, topped with tinkle pads in car seats and we venture to our favorite coffee stand and playground
  • Julianna runs to park bathroom to sit on toilet and freaks out. She runs outside yelling with her pants down.
  • Cameron used the public bathroom twice (with an owl toilet seat cover)

Day 5

  • It started the same as day 4
  • I try to get Julianna to go potty by balancing a chocolate chip on her nose, she drops in toilet. I promptly discard. Cameron is now putting a chocolate chip on nose every time he goes to the potty.
  • I google “bashful bladder,” “fear of release” and determine Julianna has dysfunctional elimination syndrome and will have lifelong potty problems
  • I try to get Julianna to go potty by blowing out candle, she tries once not interested. Cameron blows it out. He also goes potty
  • I call on-call nurse (it’s Saturday) to make sure Julianna doesn’t have signs of a urinary tract infection.
  • I play YouTube video “potty time” … 10 times, Julianna finally goes

Day 6

  • Cameron is jealous of all the attention Julianna is getting and wants all the potty extras
  • I now only let “potty song video” get played on potty. Btw it has a boy and girl (and girl holds bunny) so it’s perfect for my twins.
  • Julianna finally not holding it and figuring out how to go on potty (minus a couple accidents)
  • Can’t figure out why the bathroom smells like poop until Julianna discovers some smushed into floor next to toilet
  • Cameron decided he had to go potty in bathtub, races to get out, but instead dives into tub head first (he was okay but spooked), managed to make it to toilet in time. Julianna also goes on big potty.
  • And like that it’s Monday again

More seriously here is what we did … what worked, what didn’t and what we learned.

1. We mostly followed the “Oh Crap! Potty Training” book

2. We had the twins go bottomless so we could catch accidents faster (we tried months earlier with undies and were unsuccessful). Then, we had them go commando, then finally wear undies too.

3. We did protect the rugs with a painting tarp and used doggie pee pads for furniture. But mostly kept them on areas that were easy to clean

4. We gave them lots of juice and salty foods for the first couple of days

5. They also got a sticker chart and tinkle treats (a different prize for #2)

6. We were exhausted. The twins were even more exhausted. They took long naps on floor (we just tucked doggie pee pads underneath them)

7. We did have them wear pull-ups at night time. So we could all relax.

8. The overnight pull-ups did create a little confusion in morning and some protests (but we took them off and kept going)

9. About 2-weeks later, Julianna declared she no longer wanted to wear pull-ups so we ditched them all together and have rarely had an accident.

10. We definitely got worried about Julianna holding it and getting an infection. On a later discussion with pediatrician, she said she can’t hold it long enough to cause a problem (#2 is a different story)

11. Julianna has a history of constipation so we did add some miralex back into her diet and some constipation cookies to help her go #2 more often and more easily on toilet

12. It’s been almost two months, and I can confidently say, they are doing really well. We can leave house and run errands for 3 hours + without problem.

13. The occasional accident happens when distracted by fun or upset (and probably should have gone)

14. There were some days in the first week I wanted to give up, but so glad I didn’t.

15. Your heart still races everytime one says they have to go potty when driving (I have removed extra protection). But so far 🤞so good.

16. There were some early fears of the public toilet for Julianna, it was week 2 that she finally went and has had no problem since.

17. Most importantly for twins, find a great assistant! My mom helped me through it all. You need one person to help one child, and also to give you a break! Please return the favor, it is not easy but worth it.

18. I also did a quick transition with the toddler potties. By day 3 of training, they were only allowed in the bathroom. After 2 weeks, I removed them all together. There were a few protests but I simply said “you are big kids, you use the big potty now.” The smaller seats are easier at first and helped them have some early success. They also helped us know for sure they had gone, when it happens so fast. But after awhile, it is “yucky” as my twins say.