The red, white and blues: A few ideas to keep spirits high, with extra time at home, after the holiday.

Even if you aren’t a twin, you may be spending more time than usual with your family because of COVID-19. And it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine, and that becomes boring for sure.

No doubt, we have been binging on some Netflix shows and movies, but we are also trying to do our best not to rely on technology to entertain us. We have done some day trips… including picking strawberries and visiting a drive through mini zoo.

Southern Belle Farms

These outings have brought a lot of joy to our family! I think we will make strawberry picking a family tradition.

I splurged on a giant unicorn sprinkler … actually it was $30 on Amazon. Is there anything that kids love more than water? Probably not. The good thing about water fun is that there are so many ideas that I have!

If your neighborhood or community pool is open, you can head over that way. If not, you can get a little creative. You could either look into building your own pool, if you have the money and if your HOA permits it, but that would take time. How do you get by in the meantime? There are many options. You could buy a kiddie pool on Amazon, or there are even larger blow-up pools that have really cool perks. Some even have jets, seating, and heated features. We even rigged a plastic slide into the pool! It’s crazy how they have improved so much over the past few years.

Another idea is to set up a slip n’ slide, or a sprinkler system in your yard for the kids…and maybe the adults, too! If you have a baby, you could set up a larger tupperware container and they can splish and splash all day long. Just remember to watch their sun exposure!

Have a game night!

If you are home with kids, you might feel like you’ve spent just about zero time with your spouse or partner. If this sounds like you, I recommend having an at-home date night. You could have a fun dinner in the backyard, or you could even have a game night!

If you are looking for additional ‘games’ to add to your home, consider getting a pool table! Absolute Billiard Services sells pool tables Atlanta that are pretty affordable, especially if you look at their used options! No worries if you do not know how to take care of a pool table – they can help you with that, too. They say, “From start to finish, Absolute Billiards ensures the high level of quality work and service we commit to every customer. Does your billiard table need a repair? Are you moving or looking to recover an existing pool table? Call on the experts at Absolute Billiard Services. We take pride in our work and have over 14 years of experience serving the Atlanta Metro area. So call 678.409.7904 and set your appointment today!” They provide services such as installation, moving services, recovering, supplies, and more. “Absolute Billiard Services is committed to making your service needs our number one priority. With over ten years of experience in the billiard service industry, our professionals are highly trained and certified to deliver the best experience possible. We only use the highest quality tables, tools, and materials, including a machinist level that provides exceptional accuracy when leveling your pool table.”

Support Local Restaurants

A lot of local restaurants need your support right now! If you feel comfortable dining out, you could sit on the patio and enjoy a meal, drinks, or just coffee. Whatever you feel most comfortable with! If you do not feel comfortable with going out, the way that you could support local restaurants from the comfort of your own home is by ordering a to-go meal and dine at your kitchen table, or even better – outside. You could set up your space to look and feel as if you are actually eating out. It’s a fun way to have a family night, where you do not have to cook, and it feels a little more special, too. If you don’t even feel comfortable grabbing to-go or having food delivered to your home, you could always purchase a gift card from these restaurants. This way, you are supporting them now in a time of need, but you will be able to use the gift card whenever you feel comfortable eating out or grabbing to-go meals.

Deep Clean Your Closets

Okay, okay – maybe this one isn’t really a “spend time with your family” option, but has there been a better time to do a little deep cleaning? If you are sitting at home with kids, I know how stressed you might be. Decluttering can actually help you reduce that stress, so take the time to deep clean your closets, see what you can find, and see what you can give away or sell. You truly won’t find a better time to do this than now!

Last but not least, find a time to workout!There are a ton of fun YouTube videos that can help you and your entire family get enough exercise. With kids home from school (and it being summer with some summer camps closed down), I bet you a lot of people have a lot of pent up energy right now. Finding a fun workout YouTube channel can save you during this time! No matter if it is yoga, a dance workout, or something totally different, have fun with it as a family and get the kids moving.