End mom stress, the early months with twins

A friend posted. “Get up and grind this morning. There are days I want to quit too. Work issues, family troubles and heartbreak can get you down. But those feelings are temporary. Your health is your wealth”

As a mother, I need to be at my best, to give my children the best

My first few months as a mom was a transition to say the least. We went from a family of three (we count Chloe our dog) to a family of five.

We moved from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. We went from a beautiful spacious townhome that we owned, to a colorful (it was painted red, lime green, mustard yellow, lavender and more) smaller and smelly rental home. My husband started a brand new job and was sometimes gone for 10+ hours a day at work.

The giant moving truck

My first reaction to my husband saying we had to be in Atlanta by March (the twins would be just 3 months old)  was “Good luck. Have fun, I’m staying here.” I got on board, with some hesitation and promises of a better opportunity for our family.

When we arrived at the smelly, colorful rental (that we had one day to find), my husband said, “do you want to get out of the lease?” My answer was no. We would make the best of it. Our townhouse was under contract, but not officially sold and it was the best financial decision for us.

The rental house (and the driveway so steep)

So that sums up our first three months as parents of twins.  Needless to say, it was full of change. And change brings stress and a bunch of emotions.  

Exercise brings joy

For me, dancing is my favorite way to feel better. I took my first ballet class at four and continued dancing through college. Now, I take dance jam and Zumba classes. People always reference the “runner high” and I get the same from dancing. Luckily, I found the perfect place for an aerobic escape, Lifetime Fitness, that also has childcare (btw they don’t do diapers 🤣). I truly believe you have to find an exercise program that you enjoy to keep consistent. I am someone who loves classes, so I experiment until I find teachers who motivate me.

When the twin were young, it was hard to get to the gym, so I did the Kayla Itsines, BBG workout app while they napped!

Talk It Out

If you are struggling to stay positive and see the glass half full, I have gone to a counselor too.

Ray of Hope Counseling Services offers therapy in my city (Marietta), as well as seven other locations, including therapy Athens GA. They strive to give you the support you need in a safe and confidential environment. They aim to help individuals understand themselves and their difficulties better, help couples build better and more intimate/fulfilling relationships, improve interactions between family members, help you understand your child’s thoughts and emotions, and more. They have many areas of expertise, accepts most forms of insurance, and makes counseling easier to fit into your day by offering online counseling services, as well.

Grab Coffee With A Friend

Before leaving Dallas, a Texas friend told me she had a friend that lived in Atlanta and that I would just love her.  And she was a mom too! It took 6 months before we connected, but the rest is history🥰. Nothing is better than a friend who is much like you.  We talk almost everyday and often meet up at Sessions Stand, a local Marietta coffee shop, to grab a drink and treats with our kids. It’s often chaotic, but always fun! We can laugh about the fun stuff, commiserate about the hard parts and everything in between.

One of our favorite spots!

Make Sure You Are Implementing Self-Care

As a mom, self-care is everything.  I try my best to make sure I’m eating enough, staying hydrated, and even relaxing every now and then.  I always take an hour or so after everyone is in bed to relax. It’s hard to cut out time for ourselves as a mom, especially in the beginning stages of motherhood, but if you do not, it’s really easy to get so consumed with our children that our mental health (and physical health) starts draining. Keep in mind: you need to take care of yourself in order to continue caring for your children now and in the long run, especially.

Prioritize Date Nights

A wedding getaway

I’m not sure what I would do without date nights. Life is so hectic most days and it is easy to put your marriage, our relationship on the back burner, but I believe that to act as a team in your marriage and as co-parents, you need to have that important time to bond, keep getting to know one another, and to have fun as a couple.  We rarely have a babysitter, so it’s usually when grandma visits that we get some time alone, so we take advantage.

Take the kids outside

Just wandering

Finally, the twins and I always make time to play outside.  We rotate our favorite playgrounds and sometimes just walk through neighborhoods we love.  It just seems to make everything better.

At our hotel, first night in Atlanta

Oh and by the way, we had the rental company hire a cleaner for the colorful rental house.  We also did a lot of cleaning ourselves. Fast forward 6 months and a lot of house hunting, we found a beautiful farm house to call ours🥰. And the previous owner left it spotless!