Last minute Mother’s Day ideas

It may be a bit different this year, but we can still find special ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. I have already planned a couple of surprises for my two favorites (my mom and my mother-in-law). Those are a secret for now🥰. But if you need a last minute idea, many local business have some fun gift ideas!

Flowers 🌸 always brighten the day

Bouquets from Flowers by Dianthus and Co are a personal favorite. You can find them every now and then at Sessions Stand in Marietta. They usually have bouquets there for special holidays and promise a limited number for pick up on Saturday.

Dianthus Flowers 🌸 will be at a Sessions stand on Saturday morning at 8am

Personal pampering package

Doodlebugs, on Marietta Squate

I love supporting local businesses and one great way to do so this year is by getting a personal pampering package from Doodlebugz, on the Marietta Square. The cool thing about their personal pampering packages is that each box is a mystery and totally different from person to person. Some of the items that you might find in a box are bath bombs, candles, lotions, potions, shower bombs, socks, self-care items, eye masks, spa related items, masks, hair items, sponges, reusable water bottles, reusable straws, etc. They created a box for a hiking-lover and teacher and posted it as an example of their Facebook page. Inside the box, that mom found a quick dry hat, a reusable water bottle, soap, bookmark, chapstick, nail brush, nail file, tweezers, lotion, and tube squeezers. I think this idea is so unique and fun – I would love to receive one as a Mother’s Day gift!

A couples vacation

A getaway to Cabo

A couples vacation is also a really good and unique idea. Although a bit on the expensive side, what mom is not dreaming of a vacation right now – especially since not many people are able to travel at this time! I know that I could definitely use a vacation. Keep in mind: if you want to plan a vacation, but do not want to book yet (because of the risk of having to cancel), plan everything out and then present the vacation to her. This is still just as special! You could even go as far as planning a date that you hope to go. If you are not sure where to go, you could always ask for input, without being too obvious! 

A customized gift

If you want to choose something really memorable for the mother of your children, maybe consider customized aluminum plaques, nameplates, or sculptures. If she is a professional and is in need of a really nice nameplate, East Point Foundry is the place to go. If she deserves to be honored or celebrated (what mom does not?!), one of their customized plaques is a great idea. They say, “Whether celebrating an anniversary, or marking exceptional achievement, Silver (Aluminum) plaques offer the rare combination of style and grace. Whether a custom colored plaque, or a traditional silver and black style, East Point Foundry ensures all plaques are hand-crafted to properly honor its recipients, both in life and postmortem. We honor those who seek and have achieved greatness, as the archetype of success in their respective fields.”

East Point Foundry

Established in 1948 and headquartered in East Point, Georgia, they hand-craft rich and high-quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques. Each hand cast plaque is a distinctive celebration of the person or place and is able to be customized 100% to your liking and preferences. They also refurbish your older plaques, if you have one, to look like new again!

Artwork from the kids

One thing that every parent should keep in mind right now is that your kids are not at school, making artwork for special days and dates. So, if you count on your kids school to bring home a gift for mom, figure something else out. For the dad that has no idea where to start, I’m here to help… Or should I say, Pinterest is here to help! All you need to do is search quickly on Google and/or Pinterest and you will have a ton of different ideas and examples at your fingertips. The great thing about the internet is that you are guaranteed to find a YouTube video, or a TikTok to walk you through each step, as well.

A Day “Off”

Again – what mom does not want a day off right now? If you are able to give her a day off, or a morning off, it could be a great gift. If she is venturing out of the house, set up a day for her based on what you know she likes. Time to grab coffee, time to read a book without any interruptions in your backyard, or time to take a bubble bath. Normally, I would add in time to go to a workout class, time to get a massage, or time to have a fun day with a friend, but we are in weird times right now. If you think that she would enjoy a day off down the road (compared to right now), save it for later.

Cleaning Service

A cleaning service is a great idea! If you do not already have someone that comes regularly, consider getting a weekly or monthly service for her. A 3 month time period is a great start, if you can swing it. People are prioritizing cleaning and sanitizing more than ever right now, so I’m sure that she would be a huge fan of a cleaning service.

Sourdough starter

Obviously this is not for everyone, but if you haven’t noticed by now, there is a sourdough revolution going on and everyone is trying to make their own sourdough starters. Take the pain out of it for her (if she is wanting to make one, of course), and order a starter for her online! There are dehydrated starters that make it extremely simple to make one from the comfort of your own home. It will give her something to do, baking takes away stress for a lot of people, and it is a great way to stay home if that is what your family is doing right now. Plus, you will have an endless supply of baked goods. Win-win!