Traveling with JetKids

Growing up, my dad was a private pilot. We took his 4-seat Beachcraft Bonanza just about everywhere… from Cabo to the Bahamas and New York. I was always required to “pack light” and carry my own luggage. Fortunately, I didn’t have to navigate large airports and security lines.

With my dad as a baby!

We don’t have that luxury today, but thanks to our partnership with JetKids (, the twins have a much easier way to get through the airport…. and relax on the flight. The ride-on, carry-on, sleep-on features of the JetKids Bedbox suitcase are without a doubt so helpful for parents and kids.

Trying out our new JetKids suitcases before our flight to Tampa 😍

We tried our suitcases for the first time on a long weekend getaway to Tampa! It was our first flight since Covid 19.

Waiting for Dad at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Because you open the Bedbox in flight, to use the sleep-on feature, I wanted to make sure they were packed well! So I tried packing cubes for the first time ever. I fit 5 outfits, 2 sets of pajamas, 3 swimsuits and toiletries in one side of the Bedbox, the other side for the two-piece mattress.

You can see the 2 packing cubes, plus another toiletry bag and mattress (underneath I fit a pair of shoes in a bag of course)

Once we arrived to the airport, the kids immediately started using the ride-on feature. It was truly amazing how easy it was for them to maneuver through the airport, security lines and then to pull on and off the trains. It also served as the perfect chair when they got tired. It eliminated our need for a stroller.

The perfect place to sit and wait for departure

They were so easy for them ride-on

Once we boarded our Southwest Flight, we stowed them underneath the seat until it we stopped climbing.

Easily stowed underneath seat
Another angle 🥰
In flight sleep-on feature. This is the double mattress full set up
The kids sitting side by side
This is one more storage area for the BedBox, we used it for snacks. The top extends out creating the bed.
Using the grey buttons, you remove the top, flip over and set up in-flight bed

This flight was short, so they didn’t get a chance to sleep. But the extended bed, is so helpful to give them a spot for their legs. They were much more comfortable, and it kept them from kicking the back of the chair in front of them. Also, in this Covid era, it is nice to cover their seat, though I also wiped it down with disinfectant.

We couldn’t be more happy with these JetKids BedBoxes! We had several people including flight attendants ask about them🥰. We will definitely use them for future flights, especially since we have family in Seattle and Denver. They will also be used for short driving getaways.