Locally created app to help parents find sitters

A collaboration with Usit Babysitting


I can probably count on my hands the number of times we have a hired a babysitter. To be honest, it just makes me nervous. Before the twins were born, I was hesitant to let people watch Chloe.

When you are relatively new to an area and have little contacts, it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust.

When I was approached to do a collaboration with Usit, I had to think about it. But with the promise of vetted college students (who go through a 4-step background check process- see below), plus actual babysitter ratings and reviews, I thought I would give it a go! Lets face it, we need options! This app is definitely a starting off place to find local babysitters.

I also planned to stay home just in case 🥰 and keep a close watch with my nest cameras 📷.

So, I downloaded the app, created a profile, picked a rate and posted a job! In the first hour, I had 3 applicants.

⭐️ 3/3 had 5 star ratings

✅ 3/3 All as promised are approved through the Usit vetting process including background checks

📸 2/3 had a photo posted

🥰 2/3 had parent referrals and comments

First, I eliminated the girl with no photo, limited referrals and comments.

Second, I read the bios and comments of the other two girls and waited.

The next day, one of my two top options cancelled, so Jessica it was!

One day before

• Jessica sent a text message confirming time

30 minutes before

• Jessica sent a text message saying she was on her way but running late (I’m not a fan of tardiness)

2 minutes after confirmed time

• Jessica arrives

After talking with her for a bit, I learned she is also a twin (her brother is 2 minutes older)! So she gets a bonus point!

Jessica has worked for Usit for a year and has experience as a nanny (this was also in her bio).

She likes to pick up hours during the week, in between jobs and classes.

Jessica also has some regulars who book her on the app weekly!

Playing with Julianna

So, I, set up Jessica to play with the twins in our playroom. Meanwhile, I went downstairs to take out Chloe, eat lunch and watch from our Nest cameras.

After a few tears from Cameron, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Cameron would eventually fall asleep (Jessica sent a text message to see if I wanted him to stay asleep or wake him up). I said to let him sleep.

I also watched her on the nest cam reading to Julianna. She left the room clean and tidy.

After some more observing, I went upstairs to talk with her some more. She talked about school, her family and twin life!

Afterwards, you follow up with a tip and a rating on the app. I also added Jessica to my favorites, so I can request her again if available.

Overall, it was a good experience.

I liked the ease of use of the app. I love that the sitters go through a 4-step vetting process (more below). It’s so helpful to have a network of options, as one or two babysitters you may like, may not always be available! Big perk, if you find a babysitter you really like, you can request them again.

For me, it was the opportunity to meet another babysitter in the area and see if he/she would be a good fit for us. I would definitely follow up with calls to some of her references and do some of my own checking, before requesting her again.

I wouldn’t do this on a whim, as that is not in my comfort zone. But you can post a job as close as 30 minutes before you need a sitter. Though there is no guarantee.

If you want to try the app, you can use the code “JACLYN” for $15 dollars off!

More about Usit’s approval process:


1. Yes, every sitter is background checked! Each sitter undergoes a background check through Checkr, a 3rd party source. The background check covers National Criminal, Global Watchlist, County Criminal, Sex Offender, and SSN ID verification.

2. We teach our sitters well. Each sitter has to take a Usit training test which covers babysitting basics: Etiquette, how Usit works, situational questions and tutorials in case of an emergency, and Code of Conduct.

3. They are all Graduate/Undergraduate University Students! Each sitter must use their .edu email to create an account. A verification code is sent to the .edu email to confirm the student’s enrollment.

4. Last but not least, The Usit Happiness Officer does daily quality checks on each sitter and parent after job completion to make sure every member maintains over a 4.5 star average rating.

Other Notes:

• The babysitters can see your name and address provided when you post a job (you can do general area for booking)

• The babysitters pick the area they cover (so don’t worry about distance)

• The app charges a 17% fee and is dependent on your membership choice. In my case it was $5

• You tip on the app as well

• Rate must be at least $12/hour

• All sitters are approved with a background check and vetted with a 4-step process

• The app was started by an Emory alum!