Keeping our family safe for the holidays

The holidays seem to get everyone’s attention when it comes to home security. The videos that circle the internet of people catching porch pirates and talking to them on their two-way cameras might seem comical, but could you imagine if that was your front porch? Home security is a must-have for year around protection for everything you work so hard for.

Do I really need it?

Forget the Amazon packages, there are a million reasons for you to invest in a home security system. I know one of these reasons applies to your life.

  • Do your children come home from school before you’re home from work?
  • Do you have pets in your house?
  • Do you work hard for the things you have?
  • Do you ever have to travel for work?
  • Does the mail man ever stop by your house?

Obviously, no matter who you are, I’m talking to you! It was a no brainer for my husband and I to get a home security system. He works crazy hours, and even though we feel like we live in a safe area, it is always nice to have that extra protection. You’ve got nothing to lose by adding a security system to your home. 

Will it fit my home security needs?

The best part about getting a security system is the fact that you can get one really personalized to your needs. There are so many companies to choose from, so you don’t have to stress over finding something in your price range. Whether you’re looking for something top-of-the-line or something that you can start out with the basics and slowly add onto when your budget allows, then there are plenty of options for you.

Whichever system you go with, you want to make sure that your cameras are truly protected. Afterall, they’re what is catching all the action! Don’t take that in a bad way, they might only catch the Amazon man dropping off the 4th package this week.. And it is only Tuesday. Okay, so you might not want to give your husband access to the cameras, but you catch my drift!

Home security must-haves

There are a  few things to consider when you’re taking the steps to acquiring an alarm system for your home. How many entryways do you have for your home? You can use that number to help you decide how many cameras you want. Do you have motion sensor lights, or are there any nearby streetlights? Although most cameras have night vision, bright lights help deter criminals. Do you want to self-monitor your system, or do you want to use an alarm company? Using an alarm company will increase the amount you are spending, but it can be helpful if you’re someone who works away from home often!

Protecting your security system

Self-monitored, or monitored by an alarm system company, you want your cameras to always be protected. You don’t want them to be knocked out in a storm or easily covered up. Criterion Technology, Inc. has everything you need to help you protect your home security system. They manufacture domes to cover security cameras for everyone- from small and large HOA’s to large scale corporations, and more. Criterion Technology, Inc. does injection molding and quite a bit more, so make sure you check out their site.

Criterion Technology, Inc. has been in business for over 22 years, so you know you’re using a trustworthy company. You can customize your domes just like your home security system. Their domes come in an array of colors, and materials, so they’re fit to your needs. Are you in need of a dome that can withstand extreme temperatures? No problem, they can help. Want a dome that conceals the face of the camera, so passerbys can’t tell which way it’s facing? That is no issue!

I hope you’ll consider getting an alarm system for your home. They’re a worthwhile investment, for sure! Having cameras around our home makes me feel much safer when my husband is out working late, or when we are gone on vacation. You can never be too careful.