Did someone say chocolate?

Full disclosure: I am a sweet girl! I used to sneak chocolate chips out of the pantry as a kid… and I still do now.

Oatmeal cookie energy bites by Cara Clark

As a woman, who dreaded cooking, I never really learned to cook, until my kids were born.

Swedish rosettes

Yes, I have a few go-to recipes, desserts mostly, and some of my mamas dishes that I can whip up! But, that was the extent of it. In a quest to freshen up our menus, I signed up for a Cara Clark challenge. And the rest is history.

These days, I eat mostly by her guidelines and CCN recipes. Through one of her challenges, I learned, I need to be gluten-free and often limit dairy. I regularly post meals, smoothies and desserts on Instagram “stories.” If they have shared the recipes, I will be happy to share the link.

CCN teaches how to mix your macros to keep your blood sugar stable. And I have honestly never felt better.

Almond butter chicken from the Fall Back to Health 2021 challenge