Favorite Twin Items

Twin mom life is double the smiles, double the giggles and double the stuff… well kind of.

Twin Z Pillow

Probably my most used item (when they were babies) was this amazing twin pillow. It made it possible to feed Cameron and Julianna at the same time. Pretty much the most important, time saving thing as a twin mom. It also was great for lounging, tummy time (when bigger – it is big) and a nap pillow for mom😍.

Still strolling around at almost 3🥰

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller

This favorite is expensive, but the bugaboo donkey is the best stroller for twins! Let’s just say I can push this stroller with one hand, and pull a shopping cart with the other. It is so easy to maneuver, set up and multi task. We were fortunate to get a discount on this item by buying a display model. It is also designed so most every piece can be replaced or upgraded. So we have added on the new tires. The seats work forward facing, rear facing or one each way. I can put my cell phone on the handle bar and they can watch tv- if stuck in a doctors office or long line. It easily breaks down in multiple pieces for easy stowing in a vehicle. We started with a Joovy twin roo double click in stroller and hated it. It was large bulky and not easy to maneuver. This is my go-to twin item. I still use the stroller often, mainly for safety reasons to keep them together when by myself.

Swaddled together (I was a little afraid of spit up mess in the first days).

Nuna Sena Travel Crib

So technically not a “twin” item, but perhaps the one thing I struggled with the most. I wasn’t sure how the twins would sleep in our room, during those early weeks and months. I didn’t want to buy two expensive bassinets (since used for such a short time), the dock-a-tots didn’t exist and I wasn’t sure if they could share a space. Well after visiting many stores and looking at travel cribs and all the twin infant options (not many), I choose the Nuna. The main reason, its bassinet feature felt safe for an infant and closest to an infant mattress. Our pediatrician did say they could share a space until one started rolling over. They ended up sleeping this way for about 3 months. We also bought a second for travel down the road. This turned out to be a great buy, as it was often set up as another safe space when I needed to step away for a few minutes.

Double the meals, double the high chairs

Baby Bjorn High Chair

Another item not made for twins, but is so wonderful when you have two. Let’s just say, the baby bjorn high chair takes up little space, is easy to clean and can be put away simply if needed. For easier clean up, the baby bjorn bibs are also a must. Some users did complain that these chairs seemed too small and wouldn’t last, but these were used until the twins were about 2.5 and really didn’t need a high chair anymore.

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