Looking forward to 2021

Every single year, the day after Christmas, it seems like the radio stations start flooding their commercials asking their listeners what New Year’s resolutions they’re setting. Most people have goals to start going to the gym or practice better self-care, but only a month into the new year and 50% of people have given up. Is there a special secret to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?! As a busy mom, I’ll admit it: I have a lot of trouble sticking to New Year’s Resolution, but here are some of the tricks I’ve picked up along the way, that increase the odds of sticking to my goals!

Strategic goal setting

The first step in setting New Year’s resolutions that you can stick to is to set a clear goal. Don’t set a goal that your everyday life is going to prevent you from achieving. For example, I want to eat healthier. As a mom of two littles, I can get a little snacky. I mean, I spend most of my time feeding them, so I eat whatever is leftover on their plates. I need to break that habit in 2021!

After you’ve set your goal, you want to map out your plan for achieving it. Consider using a step method, so you can follow your progress at all times. As an example, I want to eat healthier, so I am going to eat a salad everyday at lunch. I’m not going to hender myself by setting a goal to become a vegan or to eat three vegetables at every meal, but I am still going to map out daily habits that will help me achieve my big goal. Now you have a clear goal, and your first step to achieving your goal. 

When you finish planning out your steps for success, then you have to decide how you’re going to keep yourself on track. Do you need to set alarms to remind you to eat salads? Do you need to pack your lunch everyday? Will you need to eat your lunch in your office, away from other temptations? Do you need a lunch buddy that will help motivate you?

Getting help with your goals

Part of the reason that so few people see their goals through is the fact that they don’t get the help they need to achieve them. If you plan on learning to write calligraphy, wouldn’t you watch videos or get yourself a book to help you learn? Then why do you hold yourself back from seeking help when you set bigger goals like to lose weight? Seeking help isn’t embarrassing, it is smart! 

Maybe you’re ready to accept the help, but you’re not quite sure where to look for the assistance that you need. How do you know who is actually a professional? Can you even get help with your specific goal during the pandemic shutdowns? What you need is a professional that can cater to your specific needs.

Professional goal trackers

Seeking professional help to get you from point a to your goal is an important investment. You need someone to not only remind you of your goals, but also to help you identify the steps you should take to get there. Your mind holding you back is 90% of the issue! Sean Wheeler | Pure Hypnosis can be your professional goal tracker by helping you break through your fears. He can be the reason that you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolutions without any setbacks. His practice can help you to mend relationships, quit smoking, overcome fears, and he even offers hypnosis for weight loss in Atlanta.

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t! There are reviews and articles that back up his claims- he is making a difference in people’s lives every single day. You don’t have to be a millionaire politician or NFL player to afford him (even though those are some of his clients!). He uses hypnosis to treat people of all types. The best part is that it doesn’t take years to see results from your sessions. Sean says that you can start seeing a difference in as little as 3 to 6 sessions. I mean, New Year’s goals are supposed to be ACHIEVABLE!

It isn’t cheating to ask for help. You have set a goal, and now you’re eager to see it through. Asking for help ensures that you stay on task for long enough to witness results. Check out Pure Hypnosis to see if Sean Wheeler can be that extra push you need to follow through with your New Year’s goals.