Just keep building …

Collaboration with PicassoTiles

I am always looking for toys that will spark imagination and grow with my twins. (Nothing is worse than spending money on something that keeps them entertained for 20 minutes and collects dust).

Sorry Cameron we got pink and purple this time 🥰

While my husband and I were super excited for the Super Bowl on Sunday, the twins were super excited to play with their new bristle blocks by Picasso Tiles. They just so happened to arrive Saturday night.

Talking about what she built

I’m pretty sure my twins didn’t watch a second of the game. And my husband, most importantly, didn’t miss a play.

Instead, Julianna was busy building a house with stairs… Cameron a car of course.

My twins love all toys that they can take apart and put together in different ways. The bristle possibilities are endless!

This set comes with 100+ pieces and two bristle people, so the only fight was who got to carry the box🤣.